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Cyber Monday Deals

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving I know we did. We are having 10% off sale at if you use the code ATB26 all day!!! Support American Made!!

Toys That Are Educational

When looking for toys most of us are looking for educational yet fun toys for our children or grandchildren. I believe some of the video games can be educational but I still think there is nothing like the a physical toy. Choosing toys that will help children be more creative, adventurous and caring helps them learn more about themselves.

Wooden rattles are a great way to start your infants off with. You can get them finished or unfinished with a naturoil finish to be just right for the baby. Babies enjoy hearing sounds from rattles.

I don’t know toddler that doesn’t like building blocks…..or a car they can push around and their own sounds. I have a grandson that makes every sound a car could possibly make.

Preschoolers are so much fun they want to learn so much. I remember when my kids were small they would put puzzles together over and over. Or I would read them a book until I could recite it without the book.

Board games are a great way to get the family together and actually interact with each other. Most board games can be played with any age children and adults. When you are looking for great American made safe toys and games this holiday season check out

UAW Appreciation!!!

With the elections coming soon and all the negative campaigning with  constant reminders of  what he did and what she did its hard to understand that our County’s best interest is still everyone’s number one priority. As proud Americans we should be appreciative of the true dedication the great United Autoworkers Union (UAW) has constantly provided.  With the ups and downs of our economy they have proudly kept the focus on building the American way. American Toy Boutique would like to show its appreciation by offering a 10% donation to the UAW. Start your Christmas shopping today by visiting

Checkers Board Games Made in America