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New Ways of Thinking

When my two oldest kids (which are 37 and 35) were young I was a single mom and the last thing I was thinking about was buying things made in America or the environment. I think alot of us were in the same boat as I was. But if we would have been thinking then about buying things made in America maybe so many people wouldn’t have lost their jobs. And if we had been thinking a little more about the environment our grandkids wouldn’t have to worry about land fills contaminating the air that they breath or the water they drink. We can’t change the past but this is one grandma that is ready to do whatever she can do to keep it from getting any worse then what it is. There are still toys and games made in America and alot of them are Earth Friendly. They are educational which is also a plus and they last alot longer. The Dollar store has a lot of cheap toys the kids break within the first day of playing with them, so really was that worth that dollar you just paid? I have seen with my grandkids, when I buy a cheap toy that gives them instant gratification but they open it in the car on the way home and there it stays. They really wanted that didn’t they? I could have saved the dollar and put it else where for something they could really enjoy. Maybe your kids or grandkids aren’t like that and that is great! But mine are 🙂 I am recycling everything I can recycle and trying to buy American Made Earth Friendly products as much as possible. Some things I can’t find American made. Like dolls I have looked on the internet for them. If anyone can find them let me know I would love to put some in my online store. www.AmericanToyBoutique.com

Checkers Board Games Made in America